FAQ headshots

FAQ Headshots

Do you offer headshots in black and white and colour?

Yes. Although black and white shots are still the norm, colour is becoming more and more popular. I offer a colour shot within my standard package and you can also upgrade for £30 to get a colour 10 x 8 print too.

How many changes of clothes should I bring?

Suggestions for Girls: Think of the shape of the neckline (t-shirts are not very flattering). Strappy tops are good and something lacy if you want the feminine touch or a bit of glamour. Bring a selection of colourful tops-light & dark. Soft colours can work well too - greys, blues and soft pinks for example - but no stripes or spots! A jacket can also work well. A cream shirt with a collar can work really well for both blonde and dark hair, but your own personal style is best, it's important that you feel comfortable. If you have none of the above, don't worry - I have the basics here. Bring your make-up and if you wear earrings, feel free to bring those too. Suggestions for Boys: T-shirts work well, but also bring shirts with a collar - both dark and light versions. All these are informal options; feel free to bring a suit jacket and a tie if this is your style. Denim and leather jackets or hoody if you want more of a rugged look. A white t-shirt and jacket can also work well. Do you mind me shaving half way through? I'm totally fine stopping to allow gents to do this. There's a well-lit bathroom with a good mirror and a towel provided!

My chosen photos are 'Finished' - what does this mean?

It means any irregularities (spots, colour, tone) can be corrected. Because re-touching is quick and easy many photographs are airbrushed too much. To re-touch photograph well means to keep the identity of the person. It takes time but is well worth it as it will show you at your very best.

Do you work evenings or weekends?

I tend to shoot trough out the day till late afternoon. Feel free to discuss the suitable time for your shoot. I do work weekends.

Do you offer additional prints?

Yes, I can provide these for £30 each.

How should I pay?

Payment on the day is preferred, by cash or cheque.