What do you get?

What do you get?

Larisa is an accomplished corporate photographer, with a growing list of clients. Covering portraits, functions and events.

She likes to blend in to capture any candid, un-posed photographs as well as record more standard portraits and staged group shots.

Corporate events include conferences, awards, pr, marketing, corporate parties, product launch, business meetings or social events such as gala dinners etc.

Any corporate event takes time and considerable effort to execute and can involve a busy schedule of speeches, workshops, award ceremonies and after parties, all of which you will want captured for promotional, news letter and posterity reasons.  

Having photographed a large and varied selection of these events Larisa will ensure that your event is fully covered, from all main agenda items such a speeches to all the little details such as the table decorations and prizes so that all the hard work you have put in is recorded in every respect.