The multivariate Fisher’s noncentral hypergeometric distribution, which is also called the extended hypergeometric distribution, is defined as the conditional distribution of independent binomial variates given their sum (Harkness, 1965). The multivariate hypergeometric distribution models a scenario in which n draws are … For example, suppose we randomly select 5 cards from an ordinary deck of playing cards. The ordinary hypergeometric distribution corresponds to k=2. The confluent hypergeometric function kind 1 distribution with the probability density function (pdf) proportional to occurs as the distribution of the ratio of independent gamma and beta variables. Question 5.13 A sample of 100 people is drawn from a population of 600,000. Hypergeometric Probability Calculator. Multivariate generalization of the Gauss hypergeometric distribution Daya K. Nagar , Danilo Bedoya-Valenciayand Saralees Nadarajahz Abstract The Gauss hypergeometric distribution with the density proportional tox 1 (1 x) 1 (1 + ˘x) ,0