Additional to the general indicators of research indicators of the components depend on the patient’s health: for example, with complaints of increased thirst, the focus will be on the amount of glucose in the blood; serum iron binding capacity), with signs of impaired liver function or the likelihood of developing hepatitis — hepatic enzymes (AST, ALT), bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase indicators. The different elements of the biochemical profile allow the clinician to specify different diagnostic options that can subsequently be confirmed through additional tests (refer to the sections concerning each of these tests). The financial health of your company is closely linked to the health of your employees. While robotic blood analysis machines can cost $10,000, a microchip only runs about $25. Despite the fact that electrolytes in the blood are in a fairly small amount, a change in their concentration has a detrimental effect on the entire body and can be fatal. of blood cells can give early insight into the general functioning of blood and the bone marrow where blood is made and clinical factors that may affect it. Biochemical Blood Analysis Technique. To take into account the influence of various factors when interpreting the results, it is recommended to contact a specialist who assesses the patient’s general history and a complex blood picture, and not just the results of the indicator compliance with the norms in the table. While Biochemical Blood Analysis is not typical of an initial consultation, based on findings, we may elect to utilize these advanced methods from time to time. A diagnostic value is an increase in the concentration level of this enzyme, meaning an increased tissue breakdown. Sign in to download full-size image Your email address will not be published. Biochemistry tests measure the chemical substances carried by the blood. With the help of a biochemical blood test, you can find out about the presence of foci of inflammation in the body, identify violations in the work of all systems and organs. In the detailed biochemical analysis of blood, there can be a lot of different indicators, both recommended for regular preventive research, and specific, studied in case of suspicion of specific diseases and disorders. Do not cook in aluminum foil – and this is why, In children under 15, age norm values ​​are lower, Grams per liter or percentage to total protein, During pregnancy, rates rise, in old age they decrease, For adult men and women, the norms are different, Perhaps physiologically due to the appearance of a factor in the 2-3 trimester of gestation, Regardless of age and sex characteristics, Renal, hepatic failure, arterial hypertension, long-term squeezing syndrome, exposure to toxic substances, Severe lesions and pathologies of parenchymatous organs, adrenal dysfunction, tumors, diabetes mellitus, Gouty syndrome, leukemia, anemia with vitamin B12 deficiency, poisoning, dermatitis, acute infectious process, liver disease, Diseases of the digestive tract, preventing the absorption of carbohydrates (colitis, enteritis, etc. Our seasoned experts can help you make the best choices in this area. Self-deciphering of the tests most often provides an extremely superficial idea of ​​the state of health and can cause incorrect self-diagnostics and subsequent self-treatment, as when interpreting the results it is necessary to take into account not only the age and sex indicators, but also the influence of existing and past diseases, taking certain medications that can affect the composition of the blood, and also to consider the picture of the analysis in the complex: many indicators indicate the presence of various processes, like both physiological and pathological, and only a specialist can correctly interpret the reason for the change in blood composition. © 2020 Biron Health Group. For analysis take venous blood on an empty stomach, on the eve it is better not to eat food with … Blood lipids (fats) make up the lipid spectrum. Biochemical Blood Analysis Technique. It uses chemical reactions to determine the levels of various chemical compounds in bodily … Decreased rates are noted in the following conditions and diseases: The enzyme creatine kinase allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of energy metabolism in muscle tissue (MM fraction), cardiac muscle (MB) and brain tissue (VV). Last Updated on January 10, 2020 by Sagar Aryal. Taste receptors help to activate the pancreas and insulin production; one day before the analysis it is not recommended to take hormonal, diuretic, antibacterial, thrombo-absorbing drugs, drugs affecting blood viscosity, etc.. if it is necessary to diagnose the amount of cholesterol in the blood against the background of statin administration, the course of therapy (as agreed with the specialist) should be stopped within 10-14 days; if re-examination is required to clarify the results, blood should be taken with the most similar conditions: the same laboratory, time of day, up to the route from home to the place of blood collection (on foot or by transport). The biochemical profile is a series of blood tests used to evaluate the functional capacity of several critical organs and systems, such as the liver and kidneys. A prototype blood-based screening test evaluated by Cleveland Clinic researchers and others can accurately detect and localize multiple types of cancer, often before symptoms show. Because of this symptom, the name “jaundice” appeared, mistakenly associated exclusively with hepatitis A. Any physical activity affects the blood picture and makes it difficult to interpret the results;
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