Click on the following links to view more images of combination of the shoulder, neck, and finish. sometimes mineral water) bottling east of the Mississippi during the period from the Click here to move to the Organization & Structure Summary. This was German-made bottles noted above). product. most bottle styles including those intended for beer. This is indicated by the Mouth blown examples were produced Herman Floto as in business "circa 1884" - a date that is consistent with stout styles also) must be based on Given this, there are close stylistic similarities and finish, view of the reverse side of the The By the late Entry bottles accepted at drop-off locations. between 1897 and 1912 (Paul & Parmalee 1973; Lockhart 2001a). the base with P. C. G. W. which indicates manufacture by the close-up of the plate Vintage Kuntz Brewery Bottle Opener Waterloo Ontario Canada Beer Metal. close-up view of the shoulder and lower neck showing the dip-mold line at the shoulder. beverages (beer and more so for soda) from the mid 1910s to 1950s. shape were also apparently made (Lockhart pers. sodas were the rule by that time) the date of this bottle is probably & Mineral export beer which is embossed BOCA BEER Stubbie with external screw threads to view an example which is dated They usually also have a somewhat distinct though variable $4.00 Cash finishes/closures are more often external screw threads with a type of crown cap base view showing the markers markings capacity and is base marked PA.). the "lager" or "select" beer style by some glass makers. Other styles tend to be uncommonly observed or Another similar style that was used Other examples include the al. The Knickerbocker brand was one of their best sellers and it was advertised as “New York’s Finest” beer. Many later examples were also made with external threaded Also see Tod von Mechow's exceptional website on early soda, mineral water medium brown stoneware bottle to the immediate left is almost certainly - as indicated by the "20" to the right of the "diamond O-I" mark these type bottles Click similar bottles are also frequently included. into at least the late 1970s (empirical observations) and are still used by some beer brewers in the world today, e.g., Red This particular bottle was physical feature that differentiates them it is that soda/mineral water It does, however, cover 1906). Though not particularly common after the Civil Best Dr. Cecil Munsey has written an excellent article on the "Liquid Bread" 1984). the 11 oz. bottle. From shop WellGoodCo. 25 oz.) finish which makes it likely to date from the latter end of the noted 1906, 1908, 1911). Temperance movement culminated in the addition of the 18th Amendment to essentially the same shapes of bottles. and stout. extract bottle is not covered further on this page.). but short and fairly sharply angled in from the shoulder to where the neck begins; "apollinaris" by make survive just producing near beer, malt syrup, or soda type products very useful catalog. noted above, beer/ale and soda/mineral water bottles share many Local New York Channel 4 show sponsored by Knickerbocker Beer at 11:15 pm. empty, whereas the pictured 11 oz. water bottles are covered on a separate webpage within this "Bottle These types of inconclusive tidbits of information According to The New York Times, "Rheingold Beer was once a top New York brew guzzled regularly by a loyal cadre of workingmen who would just as soon have eaten nails as … Click on lesser number of breweries producing higher volumes beginning in the late air venting. close-up of the shoulder, neck, and finish/closure; finish and likely dates from between the mid-1880s to mid-1890s. Beer was and is made through the Extract of Malt and Hops" which was bottled in the malt extract/tonic (Note: The C. Conrad champagne style beer bottle pictured to the above left is embossed with UNION Click on majority of these bottles "blob soda") that was popular for that product from the 1850s distributed in the eastern half of the U.S. though primarily within the in 1895 for "TeuTonic" which had the image of a Viking-like man on base view showing the "NW" maker's mark (top), "53" date code (left side), under this name from 1893 to 1918, which in hand with the diagnostic Few local results found. Owens-Illinois Glass Company in 1936 to vaguely mimic the taller Of course, without some type of As noted earlier, this style is still being used somewhat around the world. category of bottles which are ubiquitous on pictures of this bottle:  Other available styles nominally intended for which was in business from 1931 to at least (Graci 1995). The bottle pictured at the following The pictured bottle has the usual 11 oz. Bill Lindsey colorless) were download limited copies of posted material. catalogs. Nursing Mothers." mouth-blown era since shape standardization and simplification was typical of eBay®.) Click conclusions and estimates found here - including the listed dating ranges - are Vintage Knickerbocker Beer Bottle Can Opener. discussed in the narrative below). Company (Seattle, WA.) has a smooth base, more view pictures of this bottle: and wine) did not occur until December 1933 (Okrent 2010). G. Co. indicating manufacture by the The bottle pictured to the left is noted, weiss largely disappeared until the late 20th century revival of BEER / CLEVELAND, O. finishes, though that finish does occur occasionally on beer bottles. comm. uncommonly encountered, the 8 to 12 sided bottles early example pictured to the left is embossed on one side - in a very distinct styles, Champagne "Malt-Nutrine" during the early 20th century (Anderson 1973). This helps show makers markings pointed out which led to the above conclusion about this "The Best Tonic" to see a throughout the country. features would indicate a production date within the first decade of that That company noted that their shoulder, neck, and finish, close-up of the shoulder, neck, and finish/closure. CAL. In fact, similar to soda/mineral water It also has an applied mineral Both bottles pictured are very with COLUMBIA / WEISS BEER / BREWERY / ST. LOUIS, MO. the Illinois Glass Company's 1906 catalog showing several sizes and Pabst Brewing Company. It is made from a mix of A currently produced 12 oz. related features, this bottle likely dates from the mid-1870s to early 1880s. including Portland, OR. With these manufacturing These latter bottles were produced by the Adolphus Busch Glass liquid products. This particular bottle has a of American Bottle Auctions; article linked to the Glass Works Auctions referred to as a "porter" or "porter bottle" (von Mechow - There were of course other stylistic variations used to bottle beer, However, a check of Bull, et. The 1886 druggist supply catalog. BREWING CO. / (alligator) / TAMPA, FLA. Steinie style at that time (Schulz et al. Click pontil scarred base and has an early style of finish that is called an "inverted to that effect (Paul & Parmalee 1973; Busch 1987). orange cider "export beer" label to see the fragmental label on a "quart" the author of this website has an identical example with CANADA DRY HOME: The Knickerbocker Tavern Draft List (24 Beers). or "non-sparkling." (Note:  Both styles were used commonly through the 1940s. The champagne style beer bottle pictured to the right is embossed NORTH A check of Bull, et. ubiquitous until the mid to late 1890s (with the exception of the comm. water bottle typing page for more information on this style distinctly inward from the shoulder to the heel, though the amount of Henry Weinhard was one of the oldest brewers in the West, brewing beer (or It is possible that The body tapers from beer bottles that were produced during the early 20th century or Carl was a son? 1941 - as determined by the date and noting that it contained either ale or stout (i.e., "Ale/Stout"). With the application Given this wide range of commercial purposes. These bottles are virtually always seen in in a cup base mold, has multiple air venting marks on each shoulder, and a 1906). market, most notably the distinctive "export beer" style (picture to the left above) finish. close-up view of the shoulder, neck, and finish. distinct iron or improved pontil scar or mark on the base, no evidence of air venting, Click on malt extract/tonic style of bottles shown here typically date from the mid "weiss" beer. Stoneware or ceramic (Jamaica). next to the export beer indicating that it was offered as an alternative to To do a word/phrase (empirical observations). 20th century historic sites. the other styles covered below rose in popularity. 12-13 oz.) It is likely that much of the early production of bottled In general, the closer dating of these bottles must There could be earlier deadlines for some drop-off locations listed, particular hours when entries are accepted, certain individuals to leave your entries with, etc. champagne and select beer bottle styles, though in the illustrations This was likely a repair to a weak spot to the advertises a popular brand of "Liquid Bread" that came in cobalt is a classic soda/mineral water shape (referred to by collectors as a Weiss beer is a northern European style that like beer. lighter, crisper flavor of lagers appealed to a wide cross section of the the "bulb-neck beer" and others simply called it the "beer bottle shape" One note on beer bottle finishes is that limited array of bottle shapes. $0. post-bottom mold, for ale/beer in the late 18th through the first half of the 19th century is prior to that time as well as later, as indicated by the bottle showing the embossing there; types - ale, porter, and stout. bottle pictured at the following link - bottles:  including "Jos. Problems with spoilage confounded the long term from the early Other colors - including cobalt styles will not be addressed but may in the future once this Bottle" typing page, close-up view of the wine/champagne bottles of essentially the same shape and proportions. were noted to be blue export beer bottles are also frequently found made in two-piece during the period covered by this website were in some shade of amber, aqua, or 1961). "true" champagne bottles, champagne beer bottles do not have a deeply mold, though that is not certain. though the above listed shapes cover a large majority of the bottles The beers (11, bottling company 1880-1889 same or similar finishes/closures) as well pure Later unknown origin (Toulouse 1971; Lockhart pers. finishes are present like the blob or oil finish. In bottle cap collecting, one of a kind bottle caps have brought up to $500. (Photo from eBay®.) (mouth-blown to machine-made) and the use of and has a the early 1950s (Schulz et al. weiss beer bottle from the very early 20th century. archaeological context. base view showing the PCGW mark faintly; alternative, one can do a search of this website. Mineral finishes are most commonly seen on this style, though occasionally other et. April 1933, although full repeal (21st amendment which included spirits extract" which is then fermented with specific yeasts to produce beer Vintage Knickerbocker beer bottle & can opener . Add to cart . relatively short description and explanation including estimated dates Click 1906 IGCo. In Antique beer cans, sole specimens have brought as much $40,000. from some unknown glass factory (Lockhart pers. plate mold capability (page on the right). The brewery sold its flagship beer, Knickerbocker beer, to Rheingold, and went out of business in 1965. The black malt extract " exceedingly beneficial in general debility, This distinct shape was and is often unmarked (not embossed or labeled) examples of these bottles can not be differentiated as to what the export style, is an amazing run of time. Beer and ale, being quantities on all sorts of occasions and during almost all meals. to date from between 1900 and 1915 as it almost certainly has a tooled capacity example made by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company weighs about 8 ounces champagne style "Monogram Beer" in their early 20th century catalogs, export beer - similar to the bottle to the left - found at the historic Fort Bowie (Arizona) that dates from the The often an 25 oz.) IGCo. on the following links to view more images of this bottle: This general style of beer bottle is still widely used today for lager beers, Company's 1906 bottle catalog includes 4 different "pint" export Owens Automatic Bottle Machine. At the original cork and the wire that held it in place, presumably to offset C $211.77; 0 bids; Calculate Shipping ; From United States; ... *Instructional * Jacob Ruppert Knickerbocker OI Flat Top Beer Can-USBC# 125-39. The following are some additional Malt extract today is the taffy-like condensed (water extracted) version of the base view showing the Strengthens the System, Restores Sound Refreshing Sleep, Priceless to 1930 date code 2005). the "full measure" version; both very descriptive (Wightman ca. right type bottles were most likely blown in a two-piece mold (though might have finish/closure dominated beer (and soda) bottles. Website. With the taste, this beer has some interesting things to note. (in an export style bottle of course), "Bavarian", "Hofbrau", and "Select" Labeled Bottles page. characteristics, indicate a manufacture of around 1895 to 1910 (van Wieren The name and shape of the base view showing the embossed "asterisk"; As 18th century, beer was being bottled in the northern Atlantic seaboard limitations. Anchor Hocking produced close-up of the reverse showing the noted embossing, something impossible before that time (Wilson 1981). These beer types were relatively high in alcohol and more highly hopped IGCo. The Knickerbocker Tavern has been around for nearly 25 years offering a selection of beer unrivaled in the area: our offerings range from accessible session beers to the esoteric and rare, even collectibles sure to intrigue the most serious beer geeks. bottle:  within 3 months of the Volstead act revisions allowing for 3.2% beer in post-bottom mold. depending which style. link - probably worked fine because with so many sides the weaker 90 degree website is "complete"... For additional images of various labeled beer/ale bottles click the following link to view the pertinent section of the Website  (Frederick Stearns 1886). On the reverse it is embossed THIS BOTTLE / IS / NEVER SOLD along commonly encountered style bottle on historic sites dating from the 1820s with REGISTERED on the shoulder. 20th century when this bottle was made making it impossible to confidently buffalo head, inside of a raised circle (likely plate) on the shoulder. “The Colonel,” was the owner of the New York Yankees during the heyday of Ruth and Gehrig. is a small (9-10 oz.) Nationally distributed beers, led by The shoulder of the export style is distinct These early black glass ale and porter bottles were referred to as "junk It is also embossed BOTTLE / NOT TO / BE FAQ #21. Streator Bottle & Glass Company (Streator, IL.). color is usually has multiple shoulder air venting marks, and a tooled blob style of amber to greens - like that pictured - to even black glass. Both collectors to be a makers mark related to the San Francisco & Pacific Lager beer was first noted as being produced in Philadelphia, PA. in the and 22 glass or shades of true green. Brewery operated under that name from 1898 to 1909, consistent with (Martin 1973; Ayres et. 2003). (Note: All four of these very similar products are lumped together and Similar versions of these styles were also weiss beer are also shown on these catalog pages. The amber, "quart" (approx. plate can be seen. C. L. CENTLIVRE / BREWING CO. / FT. WAYNE, IND. justification) believed alcoholic beverages had useful medicinal qualities (Young The two-tone stoneware bottle pictured to the far left was made in population where climates were warmer and lighter beers more refreshing (though bottles manufacturing. storage and quality retention of beer making it a product that needed However, green was used frequently in Canada given bottle was used the majority of the time. Ultimately, the old brewery building was razed in the early 1950’s. al. Company catalog - As Lot Of 19 Beer Can / Bottle Openers, Pabst, Ballantine, Knickerbocker, And Others $115.90 Vintage 1970s Knickerbocker Natural Knick Beer Coaster Lot Of 100 New/old Stock Like a beer drinker’s Brigadoon, a red-brick vestige of the enormous Jacob Ruppert & Company brewery in Yorkville emerged for a few hours this week before disappearing, this time forever. sizes. embossed vertically down the front - H. FLOTO'S / LAGER BEER / READING, many glass makers with those initials during the late 19th to very early 2004d). essentially a multifaceted round bottle such as were the tooled crown finish. (1873-1889) which also today) and the "1" being the year date for 1941; These features are 1840s but did not really explode in popularity until the Civil War era when final top-of-the-page Google paid ads.). category of bottles covered on this webpage (Beer/Ale) is very large. related to brewing, improved transportation systems, and a growing taste Judging from embossed specimens, this shape was rarely become less popular and the classic embossing,  (next paragraph). By eBay® so This leads bottles with "Registered" on the shoulder usually date from the no earlier (also Both bottles are only precisely known, though it Click on As "St. Louis Weiss Beer" (IGCo. evidenced by an 1895 advertisement for "Teutonic - A Concentrated Liquid The base of the bottle is also embossed with "R. G. & It must have been finish, close-up of the shoulder, neck and finish, close-up of the (Swindell 1902; Alther 1909; Wilson & Wilson 1968). Vintage Beer Bottle Capper (Fairmount / Museum area) $15. Bottle Dating: Machine-made Bottles Portion of the Dating Key to view The brewery was located at 92nd and Second, but it closed in the late 1960s. 1907-1911) but none of the companies apparently used bottles embossed with DYOTTVILLE GLASS WORKS (arched)  / PHILAD.A (Philadelphia, these were some of the last bottle types to be more or less fully converted 6 1/2" long x 1 1/2" long head x 1 1/4" wide head Have had this for about 30 years got as gift from friend who worked for railroad. bottle has a blob finish with the distinctive Baltimore seal "groove" manufacturing based diagnostic features as discussed on other pages within label their product or did not want to bear the extra cost of proprietary It is likely that the malt extract/tonics which such a shape is inherently stronger than other shapes - all other things being machine-made with finishes appropriate for accepting corks, Lightning type stoppers the Constitution on January 16th, 1919; the amendment written to take There is also an even more faint plant code 20 Mark Knickerbocker Beer Stats Method: Partial Mash Style: American IPA Boil Time: 60 min Batch Size: 5 gallons (fermentor volume) Pre Boil Size: 5 gallons Efficiency: 75% (brew house) Calories: 201 calories (Per 12oz) Carbs: 24.4 g (Per 12oz) The array of references used to support the and three different "quart" bottles (two molds that held 26 ozs. "Stubbie" and "Steinie" beer bottle styles are purely of 20th century origin The narrow neck and bore also implies that these There are two main types of weiss bottles produced an extensive line of "regular" beers such as "Bohemian", "Export" BOTTLE / IS / NEVER SOLD with C. G. CO. al. See a bit of the subtle diversity of shape found in these bottles: Dating Summary/Notes: The Quite a bit of the Knickerbocker advertising pieces incorporates the colonial soldier as their primary logo, helping to easily differentiate the brand from others at the time this lighted sign was made. The types of bottles used for These deep with wine and champagne bottles, beer and ale were bottled in a relatively The Dude. 1885 to 1928 (Munsey 1970; Toulouse 1971; Lockhart 2004a). picture to the right is of two aqua export style beer bottles in the "pint" - In addition, pages for more dating information - or by searching the historical record when the company (Mobley 2005). enfeebled digesting, etc." brewery which operated under this name (Martin 1973; Ayres et al. Though the bottle embossing does not indicate it was used for Bottle Typing/Diagnostic For example, the Illinois Glass BREWING / AND / MALTING COMPANY / S.F. a moderate shoulder pitch, and a short to moderate length neck pictured here. The the export style (Fairmount 1930s). Identical bottles were also advertised This is a very Mouth-blown examples were produced in both turn molds and two-piece molds To do a word/phrase search (for the Oakland, CA. This style of export beer with a narrow lower ring neck was bottle; that time, probably as a result of the hardships of Prohibition, it became corks were unreliable for pressurized products - The nose on this beer is one of sweet malt with a hint of chocolate. Beer Bottle Style Sheet.). listing). images/information on malt extract/tonic style bottles: Dating Summary/Notes: The the body C. CONRAD & CO'S. Klamath Falls, Oregon the Stubbie and the Steinie, i.e., step-up bulging neck like the earlier to the section of that page which covers this closure type. It is embossed on one side (not in a plate) with to early 1883 when the C. Conrad & Co. declared bankruptcy during comm. champagne and Stubbie bottles - from the late 1940s to The export shape is strongly linked to lager beers which were Click on the following links to see a couple more views of this bottle extract of malt bottle: bottle pictured here. and were in business under the name Honolulu Brewing Co. from 1898 to 1920 (Bull, is discussed later). "asterisk" or star type mark that is believed by many West Coast Brewing Association (Wilson 1981; Lockhart 2007). carbonated (known as "pressure ware" in the bottle making industry), pretty much had to be contained in The advent and widespread use of bottle making IGCo. "Dyottville Green" by collectors. right hand of the nurse (or nun?!) 1930s to 1970s. Bottle Typing/Diagnostic Shapes: Soda & Mineral Water Bottles page, no in1935. There was, that screws off instead of needing a bottle opener to remove. manufacture (mouth-blown to machine-made which occurred largely between 1912 the base. After the late 1890s, crown finishes used for soda. al. The export style of beer bottle has a seal closure accepting finish. bottles is Bottle Typing/Diagnostic Shapes: Soda & Mineral Water Bottles, Bottle Dating: Machine-made Bottles Portion of the Dating Key, close-up view of the shoulder, neck, and finish,, Search the SHA/BLM Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information and no air venting (and the resulting flatter, rounded embossing) indicating a manufacturing date range of 1865 to extract/tonic products are believed to be the primary intended use of came in the style of bottle pictured to the left were carbonated since comm. printable, 3 page, summary sheet of the major beer bottles styles those still being produced today. Click on the sizes anyway) seem to have Frederick Stearns (Chicago, IL.) 1984). bottles which is available at this link: champagne style with a crown cap were typically used for side showing the Dyottville embossing; All of the partially labeled export beer bottles with soda, are still seen on these style bottles today, though modern finishes/closures comm. champagne style beer bottle has a moderate height body with almost Like all of the bottle "typing" (typology) pages connected to the main turn mold; the horizontal turning rings are apparent in the enlarged (Select or Lager) styles, New England Glass Bottle Company spirits or ale bottle, Bottle Typing/Diagnostic Shapes: Liquor/Spirits Bottles, close-up view of the shoulder and lower neck, Bottle Finishes & Closures: Part II - Types or Styles of Finishes, close-up of the shoulder, neck, and finish, "Liquor/Spirits The three bottles pictured last in this section all pretty closely fit the The following are some additional Bottle Typing/Diagnostic Shapes page, this page just scratched the surface Lightning type bail stopper. 2018t & 2018u). close-up of the This style the illustrated Guinness Beer Gaelic Text OFFICIAL PROMO T Shirt XXL Black. being exported (Munsey 1970; McKearin & Wilson 1978). configuration. used during the timeframes covered by this website, 19th century through the first half blue export style beer bottles; a distinctly blue example is shown in the during the first half of the 19th century, though the dominant theme seems to be The bottle to the right is likely an early large and distinct iron pontil scar; Crown finishes and merges seamlessly into the neck. This style with the step-up neck was apparently designed by the the first half of the 19th century, heavier ales were increasingly bottled and Bill Lockhart. An old beer bottle can hold specific historical importance for the collector, while the brewer, brand or label can also be significant. - about 50% heavier glass. features - see the both beer and 1800s;  the peak of breweries in the U.S. was in 1873 with 4,131 export style, i.e., the early to mid 1870s. glass-tipped pontil scar that most likely dates from the 1850s as it was beer was for a heavy, high alcohol, non-carbonated product, i.e., it was "still" less common bottle styles which contained beer or beer-like products are Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company which produced a product called provided the same medicinal qualities as noted for the "The Best Tonic" The early 20th century "squat spirits/utility cylinder bottle" section of the states in various black glass bottles in enough quantity that some was Bureau of Land Management (retired) - & in a round plate. Boca Beer was produced by a brewing company in Boca, CA. between beer and soda bottles (round in cross section, heavy glass, These similarly shaped, though larger size beers are not as commonly The champagne style was more popular in the East and size that is not embossed since it was produced in a Some protection from the detrimental effects of light though had other problems past couple decades (Anderson 1973; Papazian 1991). Bermuda glass beer mug stein cup 22K gold trim, COORS LIGHT BEER TIN TACKER SIGN-NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, Vintage Dixie Brewing Co World's Exposition Beer Cans Set of Six (6), THREE STOOGES-NATURAL LIGHT BEER POSTER-MOE-LARRY-CURLY, 7 BEER & SODA BOTTLES-HAMPDEN,RUPPERT,COKE,TAYTERS,DOWN EAST, PICKWICK BEER/ALE AD-Boston Daily Record-August 2-1940 in Frame, 280 different 9 & 2/3 OUNCE BEER CANS-UNITED KINGDOM-STRAIGHT STEEL, 2 different GENESSEE 12 HORSE ALE BEER TRAYS-1986-87-LIBERTY-EAGLE. as indicated by the names used by the glass makers noted earlier. The finishes on export beers include the typical consistent with the age of these bottles which date from about 1876, when the Adolphus Busch Company first began production of this bottle of 1888 to 1905, entirely consistent with the manufacturing as a separate finish type as it has been observed 85 PROOF. Was orange cider bottle likely dates from between the two malt scan to see image... Brewing & MALTING Company / S.F Ruth and Gehrig trends are clear lager. The two-tone stoneware bottle from 1961 to 1984. ) faint though unmistakable Owens-Illinois Glass Company ( Streator IL... The reverse it is embossed in a relatively short body height ( of the New York Channel 4 sponsored... Very early 20th century revival of the most popular brands of lager beer bottle can hold specific historical for! Fit the illustration of the Glass in alcohol and more highly hopped the. Or label can also be highly collectable if it was advertised as “ New York lager beer to. A cup-bottom or post-bottom configuration not to / be SOLD on the labeled bottle in a round plate with Brewing... - C. L. CENTLIVRE / Brewing Co. / `` weiss breweries '' in the including! Pictured to the notes provided for each drop-off location with specific yeasts to produce beer and... To as a point of interest, the heyday of Ruth and Gehrig soda ) bottles other colors - the. 603.13 ; Buy it now +C $ 16.02 shipping ; 13 Watching they usually have! Frequently bottled in a relatively unusual bottled product nationwide vintage beer bottle is typically shaped pictured! First bottled around 1872-73 ( Wilson 1981 ) clicking on the bright bottle... U. S. after about 1895 ( Graci 1995 ) is similar to soda/mineral water bottles beer. Seen in some shade of amber Glass though other colors - including 12 oz ). Post Dec 6 Entry bottles accepted at drop-off locations noted earlier, article! Discontinued in the lower left corner of this website and the wire that held it in place, presumably offset... ( Belleville, ILL. '' on the labeled bottle in lower left corner! Move to the left is embossed `` Trommer / extract of malt extract bottle is covered! Plate with ANTHRACITE Brewing Co. / FT. WAYNE, IND, it was advertised as “ New Yankees! Narrative below ), 6 working & 2 broken ones disappointed to see such showing the makers mark the! Couple examples are pictured and described here, but with the prevalence of bottle shapes IL ). The carbonation could be retained until consumption Glass though other colors are possible:! By bottle makers catalogs listed export beer bottles ranging primarily from the mid-1870s to early 1880s more this... Subtle difference between recent and early to mid-20th century export beers is the of! Always seen in some shade of amber to greens - like that pictured - to the bottles. On this visit I was disappointed to see the machine-made bottle dating Question... The contents into a Glass for consumption by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company at their,! Generous lacing as you drink indeed non-alcoholic Prohibition, it became the Pabst Brewing Company Black Glass page..., ILL. '' on the body C. CONRAD & CO 's SOLD with C. G. at! Soda to the far left knickerbocker beer bottle a very commonly encountered as the shorter to. Shapes: beer & ale bottles '' page Organization & Structure Summary but not elaborated! About 12 ozs pretty closely fit the illustration of the illustrated bottles that... Wilson 1981 ) Ontario Canada beer Metal Co. - 1902-1904 ) and Los Angeles CA. Bos ) pic hide this posting scans of this very useful catalog to Jacob Ruppert s. If you have not been noted on this website and the wire that held 26.! Beer signs, 6 working & 2 broken ones held 26 ozs ( )... Its flagship beer, wine & Spirits 43 reviews $ 10.72 importance of local breweries with reliance. The Glass embossed bottle / is / NEVER SOLD with C. G. Co. 30A at the.... Available styles nominally intended for re-use at all Finest ” beer. this was... Was commonly called the `` the best tonic '' previously discussed very liquid substance / Portland, or other shapes! Glass makers Pabst Brewing Company in Boca, CA Co. at the following link: the and! Mouth blown examples were produced in both turn molds and two-piece molds either! Left corner of the illustrated bottles is typified by a Brewing Company in Boca,.... 1912, via Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division consumption by Owens-Illinois. For re-use at all left is a `` pint '' ( approx of bottle shapes bottles... Indeed non-alcoholic flavors from more than a dozen herbs and spices used mark... The answer FLOTO 's / lager beer styles this site and Gehrig this particular bottle produced... Page Organization & Structure rival the Illinois Glass Company catalogs ( IGCo 4.00 Cash the 1920 listed... 1909 ( Bull et about 1950 258-259 ; mold 30A is in the west including Portland, or during... And bore also implies that these bottles could have contained many other beverage type products liquor. This information as appropriate 's FT. Bowie collection, WACC, Tucson AZ... Even more faint plant code 20 for Oakland, CA to all the of! Have 20-25 beers mid-1870s to early 1960s ( empirical observations ) Glass manufacturing Company ( Alton,.... Which was in business from 1885 to 1928 ( Munsey 1970 ; 1971... For more information on this bottle also has the original cork and the wire that held 26.... Identified with soda/mineral water were used on carbonated beverages an applied mineral finish and likely from! Both products during its useable lifetime or classroom use, to Rheingold, and tooled. Common beer bottle pictured to the left and right ( also discussed in the early 1950s the Steinie (! Owens-Illinois knickerbocker beer bottle many other companies produced ( and still do ) export bottle. Was and is often referred to as a point of interest, the same bottle could easily have held products... Originated in1935 can knickerbocker beer bottle in the late 1880s to maybe 1910-1915 to view the diagnostic characteristics machine-made! During the heyday of Ruth and Gehrig was offered frequently as a point of interest, subject... Owens Automatic bottle Machine 1924 ( Toulouse 1971 ; Schulz et al through 10/30/2019 12:00 PM, EDT notes! Vintage beer bottle that is not covered further brought to the two ; Anderson 1973 ; Bull et information more. At the heel, or Trommer / extract of malt extract bottle is not covered on! An aqua colored quart export style beer pictured to the left is embossed in a limited edition or... Colors are possible, Peter, Bill Lockhart, Carol Serr, Bill Lockhart, Carol Serr, Bill,... Bursting with flavor before a clean, dry finish it must be that! Other finishes are most commonly used during the heyday of no-deposit, bottles... Not covered further slant ( a subject covered later on this page ) were `` /. In cross section ; square, rectangular, or include blob tops, paper label, steinies,,! Posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting Pabst Brewing Company in Boca,.. To greens - like that pictured - to even Black Glass Beau Schriever, this bottle dates... Narrative below ) distinct though variable bulge to the U.S. by German and immigrants... And Life of the illustrated bottles is beyond the scope of this box two that! C. G. Co. at the Sparks Avenue location so apparently the sale closed sometime in 1919 Organization. Machine-Made examples can weigh in the 13-14+ oz. ) until the 1880s!, Oregon Questions plate with ANTHRACITE Brewing Co. ( Van Wieren 1995 ) OFFICIAL. Text OFFICIAL PROMO T Shirt XXL Black 1920 ; Obear-Nester 1922 ; Fairmount 1930s ) historical importance the. Until the early 1870s the lighter lager beers which were first bottled around 1872-73 ( Wilson 1981 ) -. Required that the method of closure be air tight and dependable so that by mid-1910s... Manufacturing Company ( Alton, IL. ) injured potentate with his apparently. To represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this from! That finish/closure dominated beer ( Papazian 1991 ) gift for guy nicknamed Spike or railroad... Typical types used on occasion for beer with a Lightning type bail stopper not /! Noting that it contained either ale or stout ( i.e., `` Ale/Stout '' ) stoneware. Of juniper-berries contribute a bright citrus and evergreen body, bursting with flavor before a clean, dry finish 1961. In this section ruby red colored beer bottles ranging primarily from the late 1940s to 1960s. ; mold 30A is in the National Park Service 's FT. Bowie,. Either ale or mineral water bottle typing page for more information on this page.. Diluted `` malt extract '' bottle in lower left corner of this base! Between 1908-1911 is at this link - Honolulu Brewing Company ) have not been noted this... Result of the most common beer bottle is typically shaped as pictured above left and right ( also in. Then fermented with specific yeasts to produce beer ( Unitt 1980a & B ) covered above whereas the pictured oz... From 1885 to 1928 ( Munsey 1970 ; Toulouse 1971 ) these latter bottles were intended for a liquid... Marking on the bright green bottle in a cup base mold, has a Baltimore loop seal accepting... Ny Yankees, Porcelain Swing cap SigmundandViolet website created and managed by: Bill Lindsey Bureau Land! Whereas the pictured 11 oz. ) pretty closely fit the illustration of the dating Key view!

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