Walk a quarter-mile paved trail (accessible for wheelchairs or scooters) to see the mighty Upper Whitewater Falls across the valley, plummeting 411 feet. Then leave the pavement to form a slightly longer loop along a short section of the 77-mile Foothills Trail. Foothills Trail (Upper Whitewater Falls) is a 6 mile blue singletrack trail located near Brevard North Carolina. The path is paved the whole way to the first viewpoint, with wooden steps down to the second viewing platform. Turn right to reach the observation area. The falls can be seen from the bridge, but the view is partially obstructed by mountain laurel. A short distance north of the border is the Upper Whitewater Falls Access Area. Make it a double date and check out the longer Lower Whitewater Falls Trail. A second overlook with a better More energetic hikers can continue down the half-mile spur trail that drops 600 feet in elevation to the Whitewater River and Foothills Trail. Sculpted Falls is arguably the most scenic waterfall on the Upper Whitewater River, located in the middle of the Upper Whitewater Slot Canyon. Stop and enjoy an impressive 400 foot multi-tiered waterfall in North Carolina's Nantahala National Forest. There are several viewing platforms at varying heights that offer different views of the falls. Upper Whitewater Falls to Sloan Bridge is a 5.5-mile (8.9 km) section of the trail that crosses into North Carolina and back into South Carolina. Our horses, mild-mannered and gentle, were previously owned by the children's camp, and will offer a smooth and comfortable ride. The hike catches its first views of Whitewater Falls at.25 mile, as the upper falls tumble in a series of wispy white cascades over a blocky, boulder-riddled cliff. All Trails/Wesley Black However, if you want to miss the onslaught of visitors, avoid going to the falls during the afternoon. So if you want to visit both sections in one day, it’s very easy. A dramatic 200 ft. drop, these falls are the highest in eastern America. The 400-foot lower falls can be accessed from a different location in South Carolina. This hike primary trail can be used both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating. 34 51.807. A lower overlook with an even better view (photos above) is located at the bottom of 154 wooden steps. Or for a much more epic day, turn left on the Foothills Trail after the falls overlook, switchbacking down to the Whitewater River and following it to the Lower Falls. It is maintained by Duke Energy Co. The walkway begins at a parking lot and is accessible to wheelchairs. You will cross again over Whitewater River before making a steep ascent up to the junction with Upper Whitewater Falls Trail, around 6.3 miles in. ... Whitewater Falls Parking Lot Access. It is only 0.1 mile to the main observation area, but you need to h up a lot of small wooden steps - I would say close to a hundred. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/south-carolina/lower-whitewater-falls Get a little peace and quiet at the popular Upper Whitewater Falls with a short trip down the Foothills Trail on this less than one mile loop. Quickly you will come to the Foothills Trail. The view of Sculpted Falls described here is known as the River Right Perch, because it is on the south side of the river - the right side looking downstream. Upper Whitewater Falls is the highest waterfall east of the Rockies. Nice short little hike for anyone who wants to get off the paved path at this popular waterfall destination. 83 05.880. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, visit their website or Facebook page. The Upper Whitewater Falls trailhead is located off of NC 281 right near the South Carolina border. Then leave the pavement to form a slightly longer loop along a short section of the 76 mile Foothills Trail. The most convenient access to the waterfall is at the Upper Whitewater Falls Access Area. Upper Whitewater Falls Upper Whitewater Falls is a 400 foot impressive waterfall a few miles of Lower Whitewater Falls, also on the Whitewater River. The upper falls plummet 411 feet. Please note that while the Foothills Trail Conference has endeavored to make all maps and trail descriptions as accurate and reliable as possible, they should be considered informational only. Sloan Bridge to Fish Hatchery Road is a 3.3-mile (5.3 km) section of the trail that starts at SC Highway 107 and ends at Fish Hatchery Road. Upper Whitewater Falls, tucked in Nantahala National Forest, drops 411 feet, a spectacular natural wonder you really have to see to believe. Upper Whitewater Falls path is about a 1.6 mile partially paved trail to an overlook and is rated as easy. Lower Whitewater Falls. To experience these breathtaking falls up-close-and-personal, take the paved ¼ mile walkway to the upper overlook. The Whitewater River features two large cascades as it flows from the mountains of North Carolina into Lake Jocassee. Day 4, Upper Whitewater Falls: ... Really nice flood plain trail along Whitewater River. The Lower Falls (in South Carolina) is about half-mile down the Whitewater River from the Upper Falls (in North Carolina). An overview of Upper Whitewater Falls, spectacular even without autumn colors, is just footsteps from a parking area off 281. Upper Whitewater Falls, near Cashiers, drops over 411 feet and is the highest falls east of the Rocky Mountains. After taking in the falls from the observation deck, follow the sign toward the Foothills Trail, continuing to descend another 100 feet. It is accessed via a different parking lot off of Bad Creek Road. if you enjoy this site consider supporting me on. Visitors to the falls must pay a $3/vehicle fee to view the falls. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. This is a … The rugged terrain around these two waterfalls remains wild and undeveloped. Size One sign says 0.7 tenths, next sign across the river says 0.5 tenths, and map says 0.6 tenths to the parking area. All Rights Reserved, Where To Find Pumpkin Lattes & Pumpkin Beer in Greenville. Upper Whitewater Falls in the Nantahala National Forest (near Sapphire NC), photographed with the Autumn colors of the Fall season in Western North Carolina. Although it is uphill, It is a very short paved trail that is both family friendly and wheelchair accessible. Upper Whitewater Falls resides in the Nantahala National Forest near Brevard in Jackson County, North Carolina. The Forest Service Recreation Area for Whitewater Falls is just across the North Carolina line from South Carolina and is a very popular destination thanks to an easy .2 mile paved trail to an overlook. After half a mile, a spur trail takes you off the Foothills Trail and up the hillside to other side of the restrooms near the entrance to the parking lot, thus ending this loop. Over 3.5 miles, the Whitewater River drops 1,500 feet. 35.030268, -83.016215 (Degree Decimal, DegDec), N 35°1.82, W 83°0.97 (Degree Minutes, MinDec), N 35°1'49'', N 35°1'49'' (Degree Minutes Seconds, DMS). Watermark will not appear on your print. Lower Whitewater Falls trail is about 4.2 miles. A hike a bit south of here leads to the lower falls. The view only gets better, though, as the trail begins a descent down a series of wooden stairs and landings. Upper Whitewater Falls is on the NC side of the border and the Lower Whitewater Falls is on the SC side. Whitewater Falls, Sapphire: Address, Whitewater Falls Reviews: 4.5/5. Stay right, following the sign for NC HWY 281. Learn more about the trail to Hickory Nut Falls from our friends at AllTrails. Some people mistake this waterfall for Upper Whitewater Falls, but the real show still lies ahead. The trail begins at the end of the lot from the entrance. There are several dedicated spots for RVs and buses. North Carolina's Upper Whitewater Falls is a spectacular 411-foot cascade that rests near the border of South Carolina, dropping precipitously from the Blue Ridge Escarpment toward Jocassee Lake. At 6.3 miles, reach a junction with the Upper Whitewater Falls Trail. Immediately you will notice the much more rugged trail, litered with rocks and roots. The trail ride is approximately 4 miles. One of the longer hikes on our list, the 90-foot drop of Linville Falls is worth the … Restrooms can be found on the entrance side and picnic tables and pavilions on the opposite end. Upper Whitewater Falls Base Hike Route Map The approximate route of my hike to the base of Upper Whitewater Falls as depicted a la Google Earth... Foothills Trail Trailhead - Highway 281 The trailhead I'd be using on this hike is located just south of the Whitewater Falls Recreation Area access road. United States ; ... but this hike only catches the upper 400 feet of the falls. Because of the escarpment's difficult access and rugged terrain, much of the area receives few visitors and has remained wild and undeveloped over the years. Great views of the falls are available from two overlooks. Get a little peace and quiet at the popular Upper Whitewater Falls with a short trip down the Foothills Trail on this less than one mile loop. Information about gaining access into Chimney Rock State Park (with pandemic details) can be found here. A few miles down the same highway, a longer trail leads to a lower-falls vantage. The Foothills Trail continues forward to NC HWY-281, but you need to turn right onto the Upper Whitewater Falls Trail. The easiest overlook to reach is a quarter-mile from the parking lot along a paved path. In the shadow of the steep hillside, the trail is often wet with slick rocks so take your time. This hike was simply a walk from a paved parking lot to the overlook of the falls with a paved trail… Right along the North Carolina-South Carolina state line, lies one of the highest waterfalls (811 feet) East of the Rockies – Whitewater Falls.

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